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Maximize member value and loyalty with relevant and intelligent member interactions that empower front-line staff
AXIS Enterprise Suite


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The premier association management suite for AAA/CAA auto clubs. Offers a comprehensive integrated solution that helps organizations increase productivity and member satisfaction, and deliver a positive return on investment.
AXIS Travel Suite


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An all-inclusive approach to travel agency management. Features agent productivity tools, consolidated booking records, streamlined front-office and back-room processing, plus connects with your other business line systems for seamless information sharing.
AXIS Emergency Roadside Service


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A versatile and intelligent automated dispatch system with comprehensive incident tracking and processing. Provides real-time communication and updates with services providers, reduces service times, decreases costs, and boosts customer satisfaction.
AXIS Membership Suite


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Industry-leading software solutions for membership-based organizations. Provides rich functionality, flexible, tunable options and integrates with other business systems to enhance member interactions across your organization.

What our clients are saying....

"I've been working with Campana since 1995. They're really attentive to our club's needs, and I appreciate their willingness to work on individual projects in order to meet our business objectives."~ Karen Headdings
Manager, Accounting & Member Records Operations, AAA Central Penn
"Being able to sit down with our Project Manager is really helpful when planning and budgeting. However, it is the unplanned scenarios that Campana is quick to expedite and resolve."~ Karen Headdings
Manager, Accounting & Member Records Operations, AAA Central Penn
Congratulations as you celebrate your 25th anniversary. It has been our pleasure to have worked with such a talented team. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to ensuring we have the most relevant solutions. Enjoy this milestone!~ Francine Dailey
Senior Vice President, AAA Northway
Congrats on your great achievement of 25 years of success. Your great systems and software are only exceeded by your outstanding customer service. It has been a pleasure working with you over many years. Keep the great culture that you have and you will be celebrating 50 years in the future!~ Richard Hamilton
Chairman, AAA East Central
Congratulations on a great achievement as you celebrate your 25th anniversary! Our partnership has helped to move our club forward under constant innovation to the benefit of our Members and Associates. Our club wishes Campana and their staff all the best with this momentous accomplishment!~ Robert Zahn
CIO, AAA Ohio Automobile Club
" We hold them in the highest regard. They’re very professional, very thorough and respond to the users very well. I can't say enough about them. They are most solid software vendor that I’ve ever used. "~ Edith Martel
VP, Finance, AAA East Central
" Campana has always been responsive to our club’s needs. They provide top-box service whenever we need them. "~ Steve Popovich
Director, Automotive Services, AAA East Central
" The Campana team always has my best interests at heart, and always point me towards the most cost effective solutions. "~ Steve Popovich
Director, Automotive Services, AAA East Central
" As an investment, AXIS has more than proven its worth by delivering solutions based on strategic innovation and long-term performance. "~ Kevin Daley
VP, Finance, CAA Atlantic
" Since partnering in 1996, Campana has been providing us with efficient IT solutions that have allowed our organization to triple its size to 2.6 million members, while maintaining one of the lowest IT spends in the industry through complete application integration and real-time information access. "~ Portia Ulinski
VP & CIO, AAA East Central
" We trust Campana’s guidance on important technology decisions, as it’s based on an unmatched knowledge of the auto club business. "~ Mike Mager
CEO, CAA Manitoba
" We commend their expertise, value their leadership and respect them as a partner. "~ Jim Phelps
CEO, AAA Northway
" Campana has helped us achieve some significant milestones – we’ve tripled our membership and have the fastest growing auto-renewal rate in the industry. "~ Steve McCall
CEO, CAA Atlantic
" Over the past years, CAA-Québec’s growth has been steady and impressive. With AXIS as our main information system, we have been able to keep our main focus on one of our great strengths: building and maintaining exceptional relationships and reinforcing the value and benefits of membership. "~ Claude Robitaille
Group Vice President, Operations & Member Services, CAA Québec
" We are seeing the next generation of AXIS unfold for delivery in 2012 and our club feels secure in knowing that the new web-based platform will serve our needs for flexibility, ease of use, security, data accessibility and interoperability through web services into the foreseeable future. "~ Tracey Guarino
IT Director of Applications Development & Support, AAA Western & Central New York
" All our business lines are exceeding their budgets and better off financially than a year ago and we're on a path to being better than we were &ndahs; not only because of MRM, but MRM plays a role and had an impact. "~ Tim Scott
VP, Marketing and Sales, CAA Manitoba
" We had to step up to the next level and MRM is the way to do it, because it takes every single thing you do and breaks it apart and rebuilds it so you can design it and make your interaction with the member a spectacular experience. "~ Mike Mager
President and CEO, CAA Manitoba
" MRM can be a tough expenditure to justify, but if you don't change what you do, you'll regress. The return you can expect is that you'll continue to be relevant and competitive in the marketplace. "~ Mike Mager
President and CEO, CAA Manitoba
" Campana has been very receptive, very good at listening to our needs, and a huge help in terms of knowledge and information and the ability to network and move on things when we ask. "~ Mike Mager
President and CEO, CAA Manitoba
" Campana has built a phenomenal club system when you think about what it does and accomplishes; the reality is no one else has been able to come together and bring so many groups on to one platform and follow the same approach. "~ Mike Mager
President and CEO, CAA Manitoba

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"Integrated Solutions. Integrated Minds."