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Capture relevant member interaction and profile data to maximize member insight.

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AXIS Enterprise Suite

Maximize Connectivity

The Membership engine is the key to consistent and informed member interactions throughout your organization. Integration with your other operational systems ensures seamless data flow and timely information is available where it is needed, benefiting both front-line staff and members.
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Member Relationship

Analytical and operational tools offer insights about member behavior and preferences, enabling you to optimize cross and up-selling opportunities. The 360° view shows up-to-date client information during exchanges with members and proposes dialog topics based on predefined rules, resulting in relevant, engaging interactions.
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Business Intelligence

Analysis and reporting applications help your club examine member activity, interests and spending habits. With integrated applications, information is shared seamlessly across your organization, allowing all staff to monitor, measure and act to provide meaningful member experiences.
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AXIS Enterprise Suite

Strong Relationships

Select a responsive partner who will work with you for an effective Membership implementation, streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and achieving maximum benefit for your organization. Our expert collaborators will use their extensive industry knowledge to assist your company in building, succeeding and growing.
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Brand Reputation

AXIS is known for product reliability and stellar reputation. Combined with a company that is responsive and cares about user input, your organization has a feature-rich solution that can help you build your relationship and recognition with members.
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