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Campana and AXIS have a lot of exciting things happening. Our Press Room is a growing collection of news about AXIS and auto club success stories.

  • AAA Ohio Auto Club Makes Long-Term Commitment to AXIS Travel
    AAA Ohio Auto Club (OAC) has been a long time user of AXIS Travel. OAC has made a 3-year commitment, with an option to renew for an additional 3 years.
  • Interview with AAA Western & Central New York on the Club's Success and the Role AXIS Plays
    AAA Western & Central New York has served the Upstate New York communities for over a century and currently serves nearly 855,000 members. We spoke with Director of Applications Management, Tracey Guarino, to discuss the club's success.
  • Interview with AAA Pioneer Valley on their Road Service Success and the Role AXIS Plays
    AAA Pioneer Valley has its roots in the Auto Club of Springfield, which started back in 1901. They currently have four locations and serve close to 200,000 members throughout Western Massachusetts. We spoke with Vice President - Automotive, Joe Ferraro, to discuss the club's Road Service success.
  • 2016 Net Promoter Score
    We are pleased to share with you the Net Promoter Score (NPS) results from the recent survey completed by clubs. Based on the responses of 23 participants, we received an NPS rating of 39.
  • Introducing AXIS Business Intelligence (BI) Support
    AXIS Business Intelligence Support helps turn your AXIS data into a valuable asset. We are now officially supporting KORE as a robust data pipeline between AXIS and your SQL reporting environment, allowing you to utilize industry standard business intelligence and reporting tools.
  • CAA Atlantic and Campana: MapPlus Success Story 122 PDF Document
    See how Campana helped CAA Atlantic delilver better service using MapPlus/Cloud Carving.
  • AAA Ohio Auto Club Remains with AXIS Travel
    We are pleased to announce that the AAA Ohio Auto Club has determined that AXIS Travel continues to be the best travel system to meet their current needs.
  • New AXIS President Selected
    We are delighted to announce that we have selected a new President to lead our AXIS business unit. Over the past three months, we have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort conducting a thorough search. Forty candidates were screened as part of this process. Candidly, it is never an easy decision to hand pick a new business leader. However, we are confident and optimistic with our decision. Our new President, Adam Zimmer, will officially join AXIS on August 15th.
  • ACG Travel Expansion
    AXIS is pleased to announce the expansion of the Auto Club Group's (ACG) use of AXIS Travel to their southern region.
  • AAA WCNY Success Story
    Balancing quality of service with service delivery costs is a priority for every AAA and CAA club. The logistics of large territories, staffing challenges, and technology investments can make this balance difficult. Given the AAA brand's ties to Emergency Road Service (ERS), members have high expectations around the quality of roadside services, which is why AAA Western and Central New York (AAA-WCNY) has set themselves high goals, including a greater than 90% overall member satisfaction rate.
  • CAA Manitoba Success Story
    The more people, groups, and departments there are in an organization, the more difficult it is to communicate clearly. When communication breaks down, it's difficult to have unified execution and each department set its own course, but not necessarily in the same direction. Each person has their own unique perspective and skillset, and it can be hard for one employee to understand the needs of another employee in a different job and department.

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