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Campana gains valuable market knowledge and technological opportunities through continual interaction with the AXIS User Group and third party associations. Campana incorporates these advantages into a comprehensive operating plan which includes a broad range of expertise, products, and services.


AXIS Support is provided by Campana to assist you with any problems or questions you may experience while using AXIS software. We have a team of qualified, dedicated staff with extensive troubleshooting experience.

Additional ad-hoc maintenance services are available for customers who lack time or resources to carry them out themselves.


Remote Systems Monitoring provides real-time systems and event monitoring to detect and resolve problems before they affect your club's productivity. When problems are detected, warnings and alarm conditions alert technical services and club staff.

Campana's Support or Technical Services staff reviews and, if possible, rectifies any problems before they impact users and the AXIS environment.


Campana's AXIS Projects team provides professional project management services to all AXIS customers, based on their rich industry knowledge and many years of experience.

Campana Project Managers are responsible for:

  • all new and ongoing AXIS software projects
  • project management and consulting
  • design and development
  • training and technical services issues

Members of the Projects team are the primary liaison between your club and Campana. Project Managers work collaboratively to implement standardized problem solving and methods.